The year is 2267, water is currency, and the fate of humanity rests in the paws of a chihuahua …Born from the dreamscape nearly 5 years ago, Boo-Dog City is a dystopian science fiction look at the world in 2267. The story and accompanying music album are packaged and presented as an immersive multimedia thrill ride (experience).

Creative Team

RK Hammond

Creative Lead

Ray is a musician, artist, storyteller and pilot. He has always been interested in science fiction, adventure and art. Ray enjoys fast paced pursuits punctuated with humor and laughs. Boo-Dog City emerged from a reoccurring dream and resulted in a full-length album, followed by a punchy short story and brightly colored art. Ray can be contacted for story and music inquiries at: info@boodogcity.com


Addie Kidd

Art Lead

Addie is a self-taught artist born in Maine, USA. Addie has always been the artist of the family and migrated towards cartoons and human-based character design. She enjoys creating characters and drawing expressive and color-filled illustrations.  Addie greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to work on the art for “Boo Dog City” and contributing to bringing the story and characters to life. Her favorite part was helping design the characters and working on the behind-the-scenes conceptual drawings. Addie is a mother of one at this time and enjoys teaching her toddler about creating and drawing between her breaks from working on commissioned work. She loves drawing in her spare time as much as possible and improving her skills at drawing both digitally and traditionally. Addie can be contacted for commission inquiries at addiemarieart@icloud.com